S4i adopts advanced high-precision digital  beam former, acontinuous dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture and dynamic
apodization  changes, making the image real, rich in detail
It has powerful  standard PC platform, professional  design and easy operation of the control panel which meets the increasing
requirements of the clinical  diagnosis.

Data recording and transfer software

Price: 800
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Product Features

Full digital imaging technology                       
Crystal-clear Image
Computer platforms Abundant functions       
Powerful image and report management  
10 inch no interlaced CRT monitor               
Silica gel backlight keyboard
DICOM display and transfer                           
Pretty portable and light
Large volume Storage and cine loop              
128/256/512/1024 frame cine loop
Broadband Multi frequency probes
8 segment TGC 16 step zoom
Complete application software packages
2 probe connector
Compatible with USB laser/inkjet printers    
3D Image Function(optional)

  • THI
  • Imaging technologies
  • Intelligent   Speckle Reduction
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Abundant user management functions
  • One key recording
  • User defined OB table
  • Expert vocabulary   and report  templates

Product Specifications

Displaying mode:      B mode B/B mode B/M mode M mode 4B mode
Scanning mode:         Electric convex Electric linear Electric micro-convex
Displaying depth: 20mm-310mm
Probe  port:               1 OR 2
Voltage:                    AC100V-240V
Output port:              USBDICOMVGA
Gray scale:                256
Time gain:                 Gain:10~255dB adjustable ;time gain compensation(TGC): 8 segments which can be adjusted independently in B mode and M mode.
Storage function:       image storage cine loop storage mass storage capacity≥10G.measurement result storage report storage
Cine-loop:                  641282565121024 frames can be chosen;auto/manual cine loop
Patient information:   Hospital name; patient name; case number; patient age; gender;
Focusing mode:         1-4 selectable focus multiple combination way focus position moving available
Real-time zoom local zoom: Multi-stage display rate(depth ascension)function roll line function
Annotation function: Annotation at the image area

Annotation of patient information
Body mark: 140
Cursor: The combination of Trackball and keyboard
Color display:          43 color display function
Report: Display storage and print report directly.
Variable angle scanning: 16kinds of angle scanning include:25%30%35%…100
Image processing: Pre-processing post-processing  dynamic range frame correlation line correlation edge enhancement black/white conversion left/right conversion up/down conversion contrast brightness gamma correction
Dynamic range: Continuously adjustable: 20~150dB
Measurement and calculation: B mode: distance circumstance area volume angle histogram hip joint angle
M mode:                    heart rate time slope
Abdomen:                  uterus cervix endometrial ovary ovarian follicle cyst enclosed mass
Obstetric:                 14(ACBPDCRLFLTHDGSOFDHUMERUSTIDIAULNAHCTADAPTDFTA)measure gestation age fetal weight AFI
Cardiology:               LV.LV function LVPWRVAWT aorta mistral valve
Urology:                   L/R kidney volume bladder volume prostate volume
Small organs:           Ophthalmology. Thyroid residual urine volume

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